New site Launched

April 4, 2016 5:53 am Published by

Today i was able to launch my new site Learnuxid

I will be writing a lot and also try to create a lot of FREE Videos about Freelancing and UI Design

So Stay tuned

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Ahsan Idrisi is a self taught UI and UX Designer, love to solve Usability and UI Design problems. He loves to Wireframe, design usable websites and teach others about UI Design. Currently he is teaching more than 5k students on Udemy

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  • Kash

    Hello Idrisi remember me ? Thank you and I am glad I am the first one to post a comment on your website. I will get my dribbble invite soon right ? 🙂

    • Let me launch two more courses on design then i will have a mega contest for Dribbble invite among all my students

      • Kash_OCT

        I am waiting for your new two courses. Any idea approximately when you’re going to launch ?

      • Kash

        Any Idea when you’re going to launch new courses ? I check your profile every week for them.

      • Actually Kash, i am suffering from Multiple RSI injuries in my shoulders, elbows. These days i am trying acupuncturist to cure it so my speed of creating courses is a bit slow due to my health issues

      • Kash

        Alright Ahsan, Please look after yourslef. I will pray God to fix your all problems.

        Thank you