New site Launched

April 4, 2016 5:53 am Published by

Today i was able to launch my new site Learnuxid

I will be writing a lot and also try to create a lot of FREE Videos about Freelancing and UI Design

So Stay tuned

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Ahsan Idrisi is a self taught UI and UX Designer, love to solve Usability and UI Design problems. He loves to Wireframe, design usable websites and teach others about UI & User Experience Design. Currently he is teaching more than 20K students on Udemy and Skillshare

d e f i l x
  • Kash

    Hello Idrisi remember me ? Thank you and I am glad I am the first one to post a comment on your website. I will get my dribbble invite soon right ? 🙂

    • Let me launch two more courses on design then i will have a mega contest for Dribbble invite among all my students

      • Kash_OCT

        I am waiting for your new two courses. Any idea approximately when you’re going to launch ?

      • Kash

        Any Idea when you’re going to launch new courses ? I check your profile every week for them.

      • Actually Kash, i am suffering from Multiple RSI injuries in my shoulders, elbows. These days i am trying acupuncturist to cure it so my speed of creating courses is a bit slow due to my health issues

      • Kash

        Alright Ahsan, Please look after yourslef. I will pray God to fix your all problems.

        Thank you