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Design System in Figma Class image

Design System is an integral part of UX and UI Design, build efficient and easy-to-manage designs with the Design System Course in Figma

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User Experice for eCommerce Websites Course

How people behave shopping online &what are their shopping and searching behaviors. Find out all in this class

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ux design process class

Learn about User Interviews, Affinity diagrams, Personas, User stories and a lot more

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ux beginner class image

Learn how humans think, make decisions and interact with Digital Devices. Essentials of UX with tons of examples

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figma ui design class

Learn to design & Prototype a food recipe app called “Yumms” in this class while learning Figma’s power

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adobe xd class image

Learn ins and out of Design & Prototyping using Adobe XD. Design exercise to create a real world Medical App

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ui design course

The first most essential course about User Interface Design with all the basics of Photoshop from start to finish

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Visual Design Class

Your First Design class for every Designer and Developer or Beginner out there

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color scheme class image

Awesome color scheme building will make your designs pop and will separate you from other designers

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creative layout class image

How to create creative layouts for your Websites and Mobile App Designs. Upgrade your designs

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typography for ui designers

Use Typeface combos, modular grids and Vertical Rhythm in your designs and don’t suck at Design

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web design process image

Learn how to use client’s feedback, getting inspiration and design direction during Web Design projects

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web design workflow image

Learn how to use wireframes, style guides and atomic design in Modern Web Design Process

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Android App Design image

How to design a pro level Android App using Google Material Specs + Adobe XD

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android app design image

In and Out of Google Material Design along with advance level App Design for Android Devices

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app icon design class image

Use Photoshop and Illustrator to design and export multiple sizes of IOS and Android App Icons

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Freelancing for beginners

If you want to start your career as a UI UX Freelancer, then this class is for you

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